Otto; Or, Up with Dead People

Otto; Or, Up with Dead People

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2017-10-30 @ 6:45 pm – 8:45 pm
Grand Illusion Cinema
1403 NE 50th Street
WA 98105
$9 (cash only)
Otto; Or, Up with Dead People @ Grand Illusion Cinema

Written and Directed by Bruce LaBruce
Germany/Canada, 2008
94 minutes

“One of the more disciplined entries in the LaBruce oeuvre, Otto is sexy and silly in just the right proportions, a cult item with a real heart.” – New York Times

Otto is a handsome, sensitive, neo-Goth zombie with an identity crisis. He wanders the streets of the city, never sleeping, until one day he auditions for a zombie film. The director, an eccentric bohemian, begins making a film about Otto, while simultaneously shooting a film about a gay zombie revolt against consumerist society. As the final, orgiastic scene of the film is being shot, Otto struggles to access the human emotions buried beneath his zombie exterior, including memories of his ex-boyfriend, Rudolf. Toying with genre conventions, Bruce LaBruce combines different media, including a humorous film-within-the-film, while creating a new, sexy, hyperpoliticized zombie mythology in OTTO; OR; UP WITH DEAD PEOPLE.

Bruce LaBruce is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer hailing from Toronto, Canada. He helped launch the so-called Homocore or Queercore movement with the production of homo punk fanzines and Super 8 movies. Many of LaBruce’s films have become cult favs including HUSTLER WHITE and THE RASPBERRY REICH. Often using pornography as a starting point to examine sexual politics and homosexual radicalism, LaBruce’s films push boundaries and genres. His most recent films include REFUGEE’S WELCOME and THE MISANDRISTS.

**No one under 18 will be admitted**

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