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Jules, an attractive, 35 year-old woman, has a passionate and all-consuming love affair. Unable to bear the idea that it is now truly over, she begins a quest for self-destruction, seeking out absurd and degrading experiences in the attempt to forget and to feel alive again.


“It’s Complicated” Shorts – Sunday, September 10 – 2 pm – Grand Illusion Cinema


Director’s Biography

Ingrid first got her start as an actress, before working as a casting director for some 15 years. Her passion for actors soon inspired her to take the experience even further.

In a debut effort using her own means, she tried her hand at directing two short films: RUMEURS and COMMÉRAGES.

Upon request, she then worked alongside Loïc Cardon to co-direct three more short films entitled LES URBANOIDES.

Building on the experience gained from this creative and artistic work, she once again took a seat behind the camera in 2011 to direct two short films: the first, TU COURS APRES QUOI ?, is a short tale told in the form of a philosophical quest and the second, DANSE POUR UNE TOMATE, is the endearing story of an encounter between a clown and a dancer.

At the end of its promotional tour, HABIBA, a short movie she directed in 2012, received the award for best short film at the “Festival La Normandie et le Monde” at Vernon.

Since then, Ingrid has shot three music videos for artists including Alice Orpheus, Dj Glo and Bois de Boulogne.

Next came JULES, a short film she produced and directed in August 2016. In it, she brings the subversive closer to the universe of her feature-length film DIAGNOSTIQUÉ AUTEUR.

DANS TES PAS is a short movie she wrote that is currently under development at Andésite Production.

Last but not least, DANS MON QUARTIER, a short film Ingrid co-wrote with Brice Faradji, an English boxing champion, is being developed by Crescendo Media Films.

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